Faculty/Staff Home-use Licensing

Software products offered for home-use by University of Florida Faculty and Staff are shown below. Software products are listed in alphabetical order by name.

Adobe Enterprise Term Licensing Agreement

Software Licensing Services administers the Adobe Enterprise Licensing Agreement (Adobe ETLA). Faculty and staff interested in this licensing can obtain it through a companion license associated with the departmental license. We recommend discussing obtaining a departmental lease license with the department's manager. Please visit the Adobe Enterprise Term Licensing Agreement page and see the "Home-use" section for more information.

Amos Licensing Agreement

UF Faculty and Staff from a department participating in the Amos Licensing Agreement may be allowed to use departmental software for home use. Please contact your Department's Licensing Manager regarding department's policy for home use of the software. Please view our Amos page for more info.

ArcGIS (ArcInfo/ArcView) - ESRI Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The University of Florida has a site license for ESRI Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software. The GeoPlan Center administers the ESRI UF site license for UF Departmental and Faculty use. Please visit GeopPlan Center's website for more information.

EndNote Basic

EndNote Basic is a citation management software designed by ISI. The library provides a subscription for all UF affiliated students, faculty and staff. EndNote Web can help you keep track of all the resources you are using for your papers, and best of all, the software can automatically format your bibliography or publications list. There is an online version of the software offered on the library website.

HostExplorer Opentext

Faculty and Staff can obtain HostExplorer from our Opentext HostExplorer web site for personal use. Please contact Software Licensing Services to request download access to the software.

LabVIEW Licensing

The College of Engineering manages a license agreement between National Instruments and the University of Florida which allows contributing departments to use the LabVIEW software for academic use. LabVIEW delivers a powerful graphical development environment for signal acquisition, measurement analysis, and data presentation, giving you the flexibility of a programming language without the complexity of traditional development tools.


lynda.com is an online training resource partner of UF. lynda.com's online training library has over 1,100 courses, ranging from web development, animation, and video graphics to courses in business software and Microsoft SharePoint training. To access this service, visit the University of Florida's lynda.com web site portal.


The departments enrolled in the Mathematica licensing program, with certain restrictions, may be able to provide the software to their department's faculty and staff for home use. Please view our Mathematica page for more information and contact your Department's Licensing Manager regarding home use of the software.

Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus program

Office 365 ProPlus program for faculty and staff. This program provides multiple free downloads of Office 365 to personal devices.

Microsoft Campus Agreement "Home Use" Program for Employees

Under the Microsoft Campus Agreement with certain restrictions, faculty and staff of the University of Florida can use at home the Microsoft Office and the upgrade to the Windows operating system.

Microsoft Imagine Home (Engineering)

The Microsoft Imagine subscription provided by the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering allows all Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering units, students, faculty, and approved staff to use various Microsoft software products and online resources for academic and non-profit research purposes.

Oracle: UF-Oracle Campus Wide Program

The University of Florida has entered into an Oracle Campus Wide program. Under this site license agreement, any UF group can use Oracle's Enterprise database software, as well as, the Real Application Clustering Software and Tuning/Management Utilities. Technical support and maintenance for these products is included. Faculty and Staff who wish to use the Oracle Database facilities can obtain more information from the Oracle web page.

Qualtrics Online Survey Software

Qualtrics, the online survey software, is a premium service for creating and delivering online surveys. Qualtrics is available for faculty, staff, and both undergraduate and graduate student use. UF-affiliated organizations (DSO’s) are not covered under the campus-wide license.

Log in to Qualtrics by visiting the e-Learning Web site and selecting Qualtrics under the Research Tools category. Create your account and get surveying! “Qualtrics University” also has some excellent online training videos to help you get started.

Red Hat Satellite Services

The Home-use Program portion of the Red Hat Enterprise Licensing Agreement is being offered as a self-service licensing program to UF Faculty, staff, and students. Through this licensing program, faculty, staff, and students can obtain the current version of the Red Hat operating system and receive updates for their operating systems through the university's Red Hat Satellite Service.

SAS Licensing Agreement

Software Licensing Services is licensed to distribute SAS software to UF Faculty/Staff for HOME-USE. Visit SAS Department Page for more information.


SAS JMP is statistical discovery software that provides is a "powerful statistical analysis program linked with interactive and dynamic graphics, in memory and on the desktop. Its interactive and visual paradigm enables JMP to reveal insights that are impossible to gain from raw tables of numbers or static graphs.  It can work independently and in conjunction with SAS.

SAS JMP Genomics

SAS JMP Genomics provides a powerful Genomic data analysis software that allows researchers to visualize, explore and understand vast genomics data sets. The SAS JMP is an annual licensing agreement provided by IFAS and UFApps. The software is available to Faculty staff and students of the university of Florida conducting academic teaching and research only.


UF Faculty and Staff from a department participating in the Sigmaplot Licensing Agreement may be allowed to use departmental software for home use. Please contact your Department's Licensing Manager regarding department's policy for home use of the software. Please view our Sigmaplot page for more info.

SPSS for Windows (Home-Use Agreement)

This is an extension of the Department Licensing Program. For each department license owned by a UF department, the chair, director, or dean (of that department) may designate one employee permission to use one copy of the SPSS software at home. Please view our SPSS page for more information. Please contact your Department's Licensing Manager regarding the home use of the software.

Virus Protection

UF Information Security provides Virus protection information and recommendations.